Sekumpul Waterfall Trekking

visit the Sekumpul waterfall is one of waterfall most scenic natural attractions. The waterfall is actually a cluster of six to seven narrow cascades in rain season that form the centrepiece of a lush green tree.if you have reached under the waterfall. you will feel like you are in a different world.
we will take you there in an attractive package that is not only visited Sekumpul waterfall but also see Buyan lake and Tamblingan Lake In one point of view and also visit lake bratan with a temple in the middle of the lake and enough time visit Pacung Rice Terrace


Going To Sekumpul Waterfall

Pick up time will be at around 08.00 Am in the morning (depending on your hotel location). The drive will take you through winding roads and cool mountainous area of Bali. Journey to Sekumpul Waterfalls Tour far away because located in north of bali, we takes about 2.5 hours from the hotel in Kuta, Jimbaran and Seminyak, sekumpul waterfall from ubud we could be faster.On the way to get there you will also pass several interesting spots like Bedugul with its beautiful view of Ulun Danu water temple. You can visit after finish trekking.

sekumpul waterfall
sekumpul waterfall
sekumpul waterfall

Swing At Lemukih Hill

before arriving at sekumpul waterfall we will take you a moment to see the beauty of the hill in lemukih village. beautiful and green scenery you can see here. if you are interested in trying a swing with a beautiful hillside background you can do there.

lemukih hill
swing at lemukih
lemukih village

Start Trekking

after arriving at the the parking we started the journey to .After walking about 10 minutes, you will be able to see the view of the rice terraces and verdant hills and views of the falls from a distance.Of course, the trip would be passable terkking tiring, fatigue will be paid after you see the twin waterfalls in the village Sekumpul with a height of approximately 100 meters from the top of the mountains.

rice terrace tegalalang
sekumpul waterfall
sekumpul waterfall
sekumpul waterfall

Walking through the small downstairs

To be able to see the falls closer need stamina fit, because you have to walk on the trail about 300 meters and down hundreds of steep stairs and cross the river that the water elevation of approximately thigh adults.

sekumpul waterfall
sekumpul waterfall
sekumpul waterfall

Beutifull Waterfall

Splashing waterfalls make your body refreshed and you can swim at the base of the waterfall.and bit surprised that there were so many fruit trees around such as Rambutan and durian.

sekumpul waterfall
sekumpul waterfall
sekumpul waterfall
sekumpul waterfall

Visit Twin Lake

after finished trekking we'll take you to see the beauty of the twins lake, ( buyan lake And Tamblingan Lake ) from the top of the hill. lakeside location is in a high place, making the area around the cold and sometimes a lot of fog. If you are lucky the lake can be seen clearly from a distance without hindered by fog. if the weather is nice lots of wild monkeys would be seen along the road, heading bedugul area

tamblingan lake
buyan lake

Visit Bedugul Lake And Temple

Tour break a moment to lunch at bedugul with a beautiful view of the lake bratan. finished eating we'll take you to see the sights of the lake Batur and see the temple in the middle of the lake.his temple is dedicated to the goddess of the lake (Ida Batari Dewi Ulun Danu). The temple was built in 17th century to worship the main Hindu trinity, Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, as well as the goddess of lake Dewi Danu. The sight and cool atmosphere here have made the lake and this temple a favourite sightseeing and recreational destination as well as a top spot for photo opportunity.


Pacung Rice Terrace

Because this tour is outdoor activity, if enough time after you trekking and visit bedugul, we will take you to see pacung rice terrace. Beautiful location with rice fields view, bordering on jatiluwih rice terrace in the south. Take a moment to see the beautiful rice fields here before we return to the hotel.Tour end here and back to hotel. ( Visit Pacung Rice Terrace If Enough Time )


Note : Visit pacung Rice Terrace can do if time is enough, because outdoor activity is unpredictable time. if there is a long time in Sekumpul waterfall, may not be able to visit pacung rice terrace. better to discuss again with our drivers during the tour


Tours Itinerary and the approximate timeTime
Pick Up At Hotel,Nusa Dua,Kuta,Seminyak08.00 AM
Pick Up At Sanur And Ubud08.00 AM
See Lemukih Hill10.30 AM
Arrive At Sekumpul Parking Lot11.00 Am
Trekking To Sekumpul Waterfall11.20 Am
Close To Sekumpul Waterfall12.45 Pm
Explore Sekumpul Waterfall12.00 PM
Finish Trekking13.30 PM
See Twin Lake14.00 PM
Lunch14.30 Pm
See Bedugul15.30 PM
See Pacung Rice Fields16.00 PM
Arrive At Hotel18.00 Pm

Tour Include

  1. Pick up & drop off (return transfer) by A/C van to your hotel in Ubud/Sanur/Kuta/Seminyak/Nusa Dua (other location to be advised)
  2. Professional English speaking Hiking guide
  3. Instruction by well trained professional guides.
  4. Mineral Water During Hiking
  5. Lunch time
  6. Minimum Booking : 1 Persons
  7. Toilet Available Now In Parking Lot.

Detail Schema Prices

Sekumpul Waterfall TrekkingAdultChild
Person 1 USD 95USD 30
Person 2 - 3USD 57USD 30
Person 4 - 6USD 50USD 28
Person 7 - 12USD 45USD 25
Person 13 - 18USD 40USD 25

Sekumpul Trekking Location

  1. Sekumpul Village
  2. Track Until Sudaji Village
  3. Phones : +6282237804939
  4. E-mail:

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Rating :
Title : “Long drive but worth it!”

This waterfall is recommended by the locals as the most beautiful in Bali. Expect a long and hazardous (!) trip to get there by car (have a nice and safe driver) and 2 hours to walk the trip, including the 340 steps up to get back. The guided tour was cheap and the guide very nice and helpful. When arriving we were the only tourists there, only locals bathing. Bring swimming clothes if you want to, but not necessary.

Linn_Loves Oslo, Norway

Rating :
Title : “The Mother of Waterfalls in Bali”

We visited Sekumpul Waterfalls as part of a trek organised by Zanzan and Gede at OmUnity, where we were staying. We took the long way around, hiking through rice terraces and stopping at little mountain homes along the way (which all inevitably belonged to one of Gede's students - Gede is a high school teacher - or a relative of a student) for refreshments: fresh coconut water, bananas from a tree in the backyard, hot brewed coffee. The trek itself was long - about 3.5 - 4 hours when all the stops (and steep climbs) were taken into account, but definitely worth it: apart from rice terraces, the backdrop of lush tropical jungle is nothing short of breathtaking. Even if you go the short way around to Sekumpul, ie, get dropped off at the carpark and take a short walk down, you will still have the chance to admire the scenery - especially since there are very few tourists compared to other attractions - and appreciate the majesty and power of Sekumpul, the tallest waterfalls I'd seen. There are actually 7 sacred waterfalls of Sekumpul, corresponding with the 7 chakras - but only 5 or 6 of them are in view at any one time (some believe there are more waterfalls). Wear a swimsuit under your hiking gear, apply plenty of sunscreen and bug repellent and be prepared for a massive highlight of your trip to Bali.

Raushan S Adelaide,Australia

Rating :
Title : “The most beautiful waterfall in Bali ”

It's an must visit off best place in Bali. Very few tourists come here because it's so far but it's worth it. It's beauty is untouched like stepping into an paradise unexplored. It's more than an hours trek to reach there but when you finally do the view and the sound of the falls will leave your mesmerised. Take a guide who will help in difficult parts or to show you the way. Skip the other waterfalls and visit this to truly experience the beauty of Balinese lands

Bryan Almere, The Netherlands