Bamboo Forest Cycling

There's no better way to take in a country than to be fully immersed in it the way you can be on a bicycle. There's no wall between you and the life that's lived on each corner, in every village, forest and unique temple. we are in a unique position to offer high quality routes special bamboo forest, guides and itineraries in multiple destinations. We invite you to browse our bicycle tours and destinations in bali.

bamboo forest cycling

Rice Terrace Tegalalang

Tegalalang rice terrace is located on the northern tip of Ubud towards Kintamani. The rice terrace is not very large but it is definitely exotic. Along the road, you can find a wide range of woodcarvings in the form of colorful flowers and animals carvings.

rice terrace tegalalang
rice terrace tegalalang

Breakfast Overlook Batur Mountain

The tour started from a point high up the side of Kintamani mountain. From there you have a spectacular view of lake Batur and also the active volcano of Mt. Batur while enjoying your breakfast.Kintamani has choices for dining overlooking the crater magnificent scenery, ranging from "warung" (simple and cheap places) to big fancy restaurant which serves local and international cuisines for personal as well as tour groups. Most of the dining places come in moderate prices, even for the wonderful Lakeside Resto; an international restaurant.

kintamani restaurant
kintamani restaurant
kintamani restaurant

Coffee Plantation And Traditional Process

We stopped at a coffee plantation, where you able to sample local blends. These included the prized Kopi Luwak, or beans that have been eaten by the civet cat, not-really-digested, then pooed out, collected up, cleaned, roasted and ground for our drinking pleasure...

coffee platation bali
coffee platation bali

Start Point Bali Cycling

After finishing the breakfast, we will start the tour. starting from a briefing about how cycling is safe. We started cycling with the entrance to the village which is still devoid of vehicles, and greeted the sound of children playing.from the beginning we started the tour Cycling up to the bamboo forest you will see many saw the villagers making bamboo handicrafts. material taken from bamboo, which they took from the bamboo forests that grow around the village. You can take a closer look and take pictures.

bali countryside cycling
bali countryside cycling
bali countryside cycling

Quite Countryside Village

the village here very quiet far away from a noisy motor sound. you will hear the sound of chickens that people put in front of their home. and you'll also see a lot of fruit that grows around it, like jackfruit and salak fruit

bali countryside cycling
bali countryside cycling

Bamboo Handicraft Workshop

from the beginning we started the tour you will see many villagers making bamboo handicrafts. material taken from bamboo, which they took from the bamboo forests that grow around the village. You can take a closer look and take pictures

bamboo handicraft

Cycling Through Bamboo Forest

bamboo forest become our Superiority, we pass through a bamboo forest, track most favored by tourists because this place is cool, calm, quiet far from the daily activities, to width about 7 hectares, bamboo forest is the best place for you to take pictures, take video as memories for you during vacation in Bali. amazing experience you can fine here.

bamboo forest cycling
bamboo forest cycling
bamboo forest cycling
bamboo forest cycling

Visit Unique Penglipuran Village

next exclusive stop point is a visit to the magical Balinese Traditional Village "Penglipuran", a very traditional village which has its own unique culture, traditional home and way of life. Penglipuran village is a place of interest and outstanding beauty in Bali. All the houses have been built from bamboo and leads tonortheast with the traditional entrance gate to each family compound being nearly identical.

penglipuran village
penglipuran village
penglipuran village
penglipuran village

Visit Small Lake And Rice Field View

tour to the rice fields view we start from here. a local society called pura taman narmada. the temple is situated on the edge of a small lake which is used as a source of water for the rice fields balinase people call subak. you will see a wide of rice fields and a small lake, combination tour with views of rice fields and lakes. We can also break for a short walk to see the farmers activities.
We provide a complete track of rice fields,the surrounding rice fields until we biked so close to rice fields, see directly farmer activities such as take a grass, cleaning the cow in the water, and bring a lot of ducks in a unique way, and if the planting season comes you could try planting rice with farmers there. and also when it is harvest time comes you can join harvesting rice in the traditional manner.

rice field treck
rice field treck
rice field treck
rice field treck

Finish Tour And Lunch In Middle Of Rice Fields

After the bicycle tour has finished we will invite you to our authentic Balinese style restaurant.located in the middle of rice paddies, best view for your will be served a magnificent luncheon with special 'young coconut' drink Fresh, taken from the surrounding rice fields. Around the restaurant there is a small Balinese plantation where you can learn about the medicinal uses and cultural importance of a variety of local plants. And you will be able to see many of the spices which are commonly used in cooking as well as different tropical fruits growing in their natural environment.

restaurant bali cycling
restaurant bali cycling
restaurant bali cycling

This is the best track for cycling in bali. We have been looking for this track and give it a try, all feels safe and comfortable. even for 55 years old can get past this. because we give a flat line without a high incline and derivatives are steep. anyone can see his picture, just easy and convenient they are passed through to the finish.


Approximate time of tourTime
Pick Up At Hotel,Nusa Dua,Kuta,Seminyak08.00 AM
Pick Up At Sanur And Ubud09.00 AM
Visiting the famous rice terraces at Tegallalang10.00 Am
Visiting Luwak coffee plantation10.30 Am
Breakfast overlooking volcano and lake Batur11.00 Am
Start Bike Tour11.30 Am
Ride through bamboo forest12.00 Pm
Visiting traditional village of Penglipuran12.30 Pm
Ride or quick stop at Pura Taman Narmada water temple13.30 Pm
Lunch at the restaurant in the middle of rice paddies14.00 Pm
Back To Hotel15.00 Pm

Tour Include

  1. Pick up & drop off (return transfer) by A/C van to your hotel in Ubud/Sanur/Kuta/Seminyak/Nusa Dua (other location to be advised)
  2. Professional English speaking cycling guide
  3. Bike, helmet and raincoat (during rainy season)
  4. Breakfast overlooking the volcano and lake
  5. Riding through "bamboo forest"
  6. A visit to the authentic traditional village of "Penglipuran"
  7. Stunning views of terraced rice paddy fields and rural landscape
  8. Lunch in our authentic restaurant in the middle of rice paddies
  9. Mineral water in every stops
  10. Cold face towel
  11. Personal insurance coverage

Detail Schema Prices

Bamboo Forest CyclingAdultChild
Person 1 - 6USD 50USD 25
Person 7 - 12USD 48USD 23
Person 13 - 18USD 45USD 20

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Rating :
Title : “This was so good to do.”

Lots of activities in the one day, coffee plantation, rice fields, temples, public houses. It was good to see the real villiages and people. so easy to do on a pushbike with a guide and car following carrying our bags. Take a backpack if you want to carry your own. Water provided late breakfast and lunch also and some good exercise was also a benefit.

Mark Huge Sydney,Australia

Rating :
Title : “Service with a huge friendly smile!”

This would have to be one of the most enjoyable ways to see something of the real Bali. Its very easy to fly in and dip into the pool, grab a Bintang and spend the rest of your holiday shopping etc. If you are keen to find a way to see at least some of Bali away from the beach, this is really a great way to do it. We had family of 6, including two teens and a 3 & 4 year old. The guys made sure every one had the opportunity to enjoy the trip, including safe bikes, helmets and lots of water. The journey was 99% downhill through some beautiful country, including local villages and plenty of happy people waving and high five'ing the kids as we rode past. Wayan and the team were extremely attentive and safety conscious the whole time... I would absolutely recommend the adventure Bali Hai offers, even if you have a 3 year old like ours!!

Tobby James Sydney,Australia

Rating :
Title : “intersting bike ride”

When these people say downhill riding they mean it. Your bike just crusies along and very rarely do you need to pedal. This was the first time on a bike for me in many years so alittle apprehensive on some of the footpaths you ride along.
This would have been one of the best experiences I have done in Bali. The things you see are wonderful. Riding through bamboo forests was awesome and cools you down.
At the end of the ride they take you to a place in the middle of nowhere to eat you lunch that is cooked especially for the group and what a wonderful feed that was.The 2 guides/riders that come along were really helpful and friendly.This is an experience that i would do again.

Andrew C Darwin.Australia