Bali Farm Tour is a program see the natural of monkey forest ubud, traditional countryside,bamboo forest,beautiful volcano, green view rice terrace and visiting coffee plantations.this is tour will visit 6 places in one day. Place you will visit : monkey forest ubud,Explore Penglipuran Village, Bamboo Forest,Batur Mountain,Tegalalang Rice Terrace,and bali coffee plantation. Recommended for child because see real natural in bali. read this page until finish so you can imagine this tour

coffee farm
Monkey Forest

First place we will visit monkey forest ubud. Ubud Monkey Forest is a small tropical forest where you can see the group of monkeys live there. Based on the local resident believe that these monkeys are protecting the forest with all its content. There is a Hindu Temple existing in the corner of forest with full of the huge and high tropical trees. All monkeys in this place have tame and dwell this forest together in each group area

bali farm tour
bali farm tour
Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Tour continue visit Tegalalang Rice Terrace. tegalalang rice terrace paddy field area which is stratified, with irrigating system are arranged from top to bottom. Rice here is not wide however, the beautiful landscape we can see, the green rice field blend with many coconut trees around rice fields.

bali swing tegalalang
bali swing tegalalang
bali swing tegalalang
Swing At Rice Terrace

still in tegalalang, if you are interested playing swing in bali with rice terrace scenery you can try here. high safety standards, while you are swinging your body is bound to keep you don't drop while swinging. level the height of the swing can be arranged, in accordance with your courage.

bali swing tegalalang
Traditional Coffee Process

Bali coffee plantation ubud will explain coffee process.To keep the coffee aroma, all processes are made from a , drying coffee beans using the Sun and the process of roasting coffee is still using the firewood. This process keeps the coffee always in best quality.

coffee farm
coffee farm
Beautiful View During Drink Coffee

Relax with a cup of coffee accompanied by a beautiful natural landscape. In addition to drinking coffee here there are interesting spots for you selfie with the backdrop of green plantation ubud end here.

coffee farm
Vulcano Mountain

The tour continued toward the kintamani, seeing the beauty of the mountains and Lake batur. You can see the beauty of nature from the top, facing directly the mountain and Lake batur. many restaurant here that offers dining with beautiful mountain views, if you want lunch we'll bring you there.


The next place we visited was penglipuran village. the village was awarded as the cleanest village in the world. the village is arranged neatly terraced from bottom to top. on the upper part of the village there is a temple village.the gate house in the same design, roof made of bamboo with the same shape for all houses. in the House, the building which is located in the northern part, made very unique. all made of bamboo, from roof of the House, the walls of the House, bed, all from bamboo.

Bamboo Forest

Walk 5 minutes to the North of the village you will see bamboo forest. extensive forest it is 7 hectares with air very cool here. you will also hear the sound of insects that live in the bamboo forest. You can get around the forest up into the forest. This forest area is laid out well, with created footpaths to facilitate tourists walk around the bamboo forest


Bali Family Tours end here and back to hotel. for detail tour include you can see below and for detail price :

Tour Itinerary Estimated Time
Pick Up Hotel 08.00 AM
Monkey Forest 09.00 Am
Tegalalang Rice Terrace 10.30 Pm
Visit Coffee Farm 12.00 Pm
Kintamani 13.00 Pm
Penglipuran Village 14.00 Pm
Bamboo Forest 14.30 Pm
Back To Hotel 15.30 Pm
Arrive at hotel 17.00 Pm ( estimated )

Ticket Price

  1. Monkey Forest Ubud. Ticket : IDR 80.000/Pax
  2. Tegalalang. Ticket : IDR 20.000/Pax
  3. Coffee Farm. Ticket : Free
  4. Kintamani. Ticket : IDR 50.000/Pax
  5. Penglipuran Village. Ticket : IDR 50.000/Pax
  6. Bamboo forest. Ticket : Include in penglipuran ticket

Tour Include

  1. Pick up & drop off in your hotel
  2. Small Group Max 6 Person
  3. Tour guide is driver
  4. Tour Duration 10 hours
  5. Extra Charge : 5 Dollar /Hour
  6. The tour is Private Tours, means there is no other participant, just only you and your companion
  7. Reasonable and fair price, that means No hidden fee.
  8. Free sample of coffee and tea (except luwak coffee)
  9. Transport and petrol
  10. Meal for Driver
  11. Parking fee


  1. Not include all entrance fee
  2. Donation
  3. Lunch
Terms And Condition
  1. maximum 1 hour each place because we visit 6 place in one day
  2. Private Tour Not Sharing With Other Traveler
  3. Time that we provide only estimates could be fast or slow depending on the time you visit every place.
  4. Minimum Booking : 1 Person
  5. Cash,Credit Card or Debet
  6. Open Time : Monday-Saturday 08.00 Am - 16.00 Pm

Detail Schema Prices
Participants Price/Car
Person 1 - 2 IDR 450.000/Car
Person 3 - 6 IDR 500.000/Car
Person 7 - 12 IDR 800.000/Car
Person 13 - 15 IDR 1.200.000/Car

Need Foto Gallery !!! to see the activities of tourists who have visited in ubud adventures and photo gallery you can see all on Facebook Page. Click Facebook Page Picture To See All.

Facebook Page
Tour Location
  1. Jalan Raya Tegalalang
  2. Ubud Area And Kintamani
  3. Phones : +6287883985300
  4. Email:


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